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Pelvic Floor Muscle Exercises for Vaginitis Healthcare Supply Product

Pelvic Floor Muscle Exercises for Vaginitis Healthcare Supply Product

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                                  FDA No:3015515517



 Vaginal Tightening,Vaginal itching,Vaginal yeast infection,Urinary Incontinence,Pelvic Floor, Vaginal discharge, Vaginal rejuvenation,Vaginal dryness,Vaginal disorder,vaginitis.


Treatment Principle


Photobiomodulation therapies are being used clinically and experimentally to treat a variety of processes and conditions.

Photobiomodulation therapies including photon light, light-emitting diodes (LEDs), and other incoherent light sources are used both clinically and experimentally.


Vaginal tissues (e.g., skin) relax as women age or give birth. Microcirculation and blood flow to the vaginal and urethral tissues decrease with menopause, and the decrease in estrogen negatively affects vaginal hydration and bladder function. The principle behind the current use of PBMT to treat vaginal tissues is to stimulate the synthesis of collagen and elastin in the vaginal tissues. It supports the urethrovaginal sphincter and urethra, as well as promotes vasodilatation of the submucosa of the vagina and urethra, tightening the vagina.


Photobiomodulation activates cytochrome c oxidase, which increases mitochondrial electron transport, leading to an increase in adenosine triphosphate. (ATP) increases, and photoreceptors in the mitochondria of tissue cells absorb red and near-infrared light, triggering a cascade of events that leads to the production of reactive oxygen species. Stimulation of collagen production and up-regulation of various cytokines enhances the activity of various cellular components in the local wound environment.ATP production and other metabolic pathways to enhance intracellular metabolism and induce or reduce pain, inflammation PBMT accelerates wound healing and tensile strength in both normal and abnormal populations

PBMT has also been shown to be an effective treatment for other inflammatory processes.


Anal Probe EMS


EMS is an electrical therapy that uses electrical pulses to stimulation muscle contraction.


Electrical stimulation increases neuromuscular excitability, awakens some of the nerve cells whose function has been suspended due to compression, and promotes the recovery of nerve cell function.


Electrical stimulation enhances urinary control by stimulating the contraction of the external urethral sphincter, which is further augmented by the neural circuit.


Electrical stimulation of nerves and muscles excites the sympathetic pathway and inhibits the sympathetic pathway, inhibiting the ability of bladder contraction, decreasing the metabolic level of the urethra muscle, increasing bladder capacity, and enhancing the ability to store urine.


Electrical stimulation therapy is an active means to promote neurological rehabilitation after surgery, which can passively exercise muscle strength, prevent muscle atrophy and restore nerve function.


Electrical stimulation relieves pain caused by muscle spasm by relaxing the pelvic floor muscles, directly inducing a therapeutic response or modulating abnormalities in lower urinary tract function.



What is the AGE Range to use this device?


Laser vaginal tightening wand is a great choice for the women who had adult life.

specially suitable for the mothers in their 30s or 40s who might need tightening after childbirth. The process of childbirth can severely stretch and tear the vaginal walls and surrounding tissues, but with this home use device can definitely help repair these issues, make the vaginal become tight, also help treat stress incontinence.



It’s a great choice for women in their 40s, 50s, or 60s who are beginning the process of menopause. Women who are aging have decreased estrogen, which can lead to thinning, inflammation, and drying of the vagina.


Additionally, Add EMS Stimulator for Anal and Man Usage.





10-20 minutes per day,3-4 times a week.

Results as soon as 3-6 weeks

Private home use


100% Natural


True Premium Cold Lasers


Low level laser Therapy

A fraction of the cost of physician treatments

No repurchasing creams or pills





Q1: What benefits after using this machine?


A: Our machine is using 650nm laser with 477nm blue light and vibration for kinds of gynecological disease. Such as Vaginal Tightening,Vaginal itching,Vaginal yeast infection,Urinary Incontinence,Pelvic Floor,Vaginal discharge,Vaginal rejuvenation,Vaginal dryness,Vaginal disorder,vaginitis,

anal EMS Stimulation for Man Etc.



Q2: What we should care during using?

If use EMS function. No matter for vaginal or anal, CAN NOT use condom.(EMS have to directly connect to skin)

If didn't use EMS function, Just use the light and vibrator function.

You can take condom when using .

After using, clean the machine by Disinfect wet tissue.


Q3:Hong long can see the treatment results?

 Our products are not drugs, they are physical therapy devices. Commonly 3-6 weeks. Some severe gynecological problem need longer time.

 The first 2 weeks, 4-5 time a week, each time 15-20min.

 if see improvement of the problems, 2-times a week, each time 10-20min until recovery.


Q3: What's the warranty?

 This machine with CE and FDA, FDA No: 3015515517, SGS60825 laser safety test report. All our products have a 2-years warranty and lifetime maintenance!




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